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Percherons Freres标志属于Charbonneaux Brabant公司,是一家专门生产醋、芥末酱、油和小黄瓜的家族企业。一个多世纪以来,PERCHERON FRERES 的产品都是在法国美食的传统中发展起来的。正因为这一品牌的的声望,吸引到许多美食家,由于其独特的风味成为了必不可少的精致菜肴。

Percherons Freres owned by Charbonneaux Brabant, a family company specialized in the manufacturing of vinegars, mustards, the trading of oils and gherkins. For over a century, PERCHERON FRERES, products have been developed in the tradition of great French gastronomy. This range of prestige will appeal to the most gourmets thanks to its exceptional flavors essential for a refined cuisine.

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