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Montesano —— 伊比利亞黑豬肉製品生產藝術的傑出代表,始創於1965年,致力於伊比利亞黑豬的養殖和以火腿為代表的高端伊比利亞黑豬肉類產品的打造。是西班牙伊比利亞黑豬肉類產品工業配套最完善的工廠之一,同時符合世界上最嚴格的食品監管標準。Montesano已是西班牙著名的標誌性品牌,並躋身世界頂級火腿之列。

Montesano —— Iberian black pork products, an outstanding representative of the production art,
was founded in 1965, have been committed to injecting all our experience and enthusiasm into the cultivation of Iberian black pigs and the creation of high-end Iberian black pork products represented by ham. It is one of the most complete factories in Iberia Black Pork Industry in Spain, and meets the most stringent requirements in the world Food regulatory standards. Montesano has become a famous brand in Spain and one of the world's top ham brands