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「從土地到餐盤」食品平台(De la Terre à l’Assiette)的積極合作夥伴Capfruit攜手農戶尋找當地水土條件與水果品種之間的完美匹配。 Capfruit支持食品行業的專業人士,在全世界範圍內推廣他們的技術、捍衛他們的傳統,與此同時,重視創新以弘揚他們的專長技能。

Capfruit, your committed partner, from the land to your plate
Working hand in hand with growers searching for the best association between terroirs and fruit varieties, Capfruit accompanies gastronomy professionals in order to promote their techniques, defend their traditions, while capitalizing on innovation to raise their savoir-faire to the highest levels of fame, everywhere in the world.
As a Main Sponsor of the World Pastry Cup and a Silver Sponsor of Bocuse d’Or, Capfruit is thrilled to be part of this commitment which contributes to broaden the reputation of Chefs throughout these events.