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Anchor Food Professionals is the Foodservice brand of Anchor. We create high quality, fit-for-purpose products and solutions for foodservice professionals in over 50 countries.
We understand dairy and the role that it can play in delivering great taste, texture and appearance in the signature dishes and offerings that our customers serve to millions of consumers every day.
As Anchor Food Professionals, we work alongside our customers, in their businesses, consistently sharing new ideas and ways of doing things. We focus on those applications where dairy provides the “wow” factor – where it’s the reason that consumers enter that bakery, pizzeria, restaurant or coffee shop.
作为安佳专业乳品专业伙伴,我们在客户的商业领域内与之紧密共同协作,并持续分享新的想法和有效的解决方案。我们专注于乳品能够创造出惊人之举的应用—— 这些应用才能最终吸引消费者进入面包房,比萨店,餐厅或是咖啡馆。