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Alain Francois

成立超過20年,創辦人Alain FRANÇOIS以充滿熱情及嚴謹的態度, 於羅亞爾河地區中心發展其事業。羅亞爾河地區非常適合製造出色的鴨肝, 給予味蕾最高的享受。 該地區的自然環境完全合乎做鴨肝的鴨隻生長的成功要素。溫和的沿岸氣候, 高品質的牧草地及傳統的家禽農業技術都說明了80%的法國家禽都在這裡生長的原因。他們的生產線亦設立於這個極好的地方。

For more than 20 years, Alain FRANÇOIS has been developing a business in the heart of the Pays de La Loire with passion and precision. The Pays de La Loire region is very much a natural setting for exceptional Foie Gras to delight the finest palates. The region has all the essential characteristics needed to raise Foie Gras ducks successfully. The mild coastal climate, the quality of pasture and a tradition of poultry farming are all reasons why some 80% of French ducklings are born here. And this wonderful spot is where their production branch is to be found.